Information for Partners

Let’s make a successful business together!

Our company is interested in promoting Leskovo products. We want to invite you to become our regional dealer for the sale and assembly of houses, gazebos and other mini-beam buildings.

You get additional and stable sources of income and competitive advantages.


  • Dealer discount up to 15%;
  • A wide range of high-quality products from mini-timber;
  • Minimum lead time for orders and delivery;
  • Assembly instructions are included with each product;
  • Comprehensive information support, a database of materials for advertising, product training;
  • Careful quality control at all stages of production shipment, delivery;
  • Payment in any way;
  • There are no restrictions on the minimum lot of goods of one name. You order exactly as much as you need at the moment.

Terms of cooperation

  • We are cooperating with legal entities or individual entrepreneurs in buildings, which have an office and a manager for receiving orders (preferably);
  • We work on an advance payment of 100% (advance payment of 50% when placing an order and a surcharge of 50% at the time of shipment);
  • We work both with VAT and without VAT under a dealer agreement;
  • Shipping costs are paid by the dealer directly to the transport company;
  • Sending is carried out by TC Business Lines, PEC, Baikal-Service, if desired, to the address or to the point of reception;
  • Shipment at own expense from production in Kostroma is possible.

Wholesale Buyer Discount*

  • 10% from 300 000 i
  • 12% from 500 000 i
  • 15% from 1 000 000 i

* discount is valid on the total amount of the order excluding shipping costs.


How to order

  • Write a letter to with a note in the subject "Opt.", attach a free-form customer card and documents on the registration of your company and a few words about the company you represent.

    If you are a private person - passport details, a scanned copy of your passport (all pages).

  • Attach a wholesale application to the letter, together with the supply contract.

  • A letter will be sent to your mail with a notice that you have been transferred to the status of a wholesale buyer, then your personal manager will contact you to discuss the details of the order for production, delivery, etc.

  • We can send you the goods by the transport company PEK, Baikal-Service, Delovye linii. Pickup from our warehouse in the city of Kostroma is possible.

You can always come to see with our own eyes our house kits at our production at:

156014 Kostroma, Bazovaya str. 8