About us

We produce lumber and sets of garden and guest houses, baths, gazebos, household blocks from mini-beams, which are assembled by the customer. All material is dried, cut and shaped to work with it was easy even for lay people. Our projects are consistent with sanitary and fire regulations.

Own engineering department

Our architects and engineers will help you solve any problem and develop an individual project of a house, bathhouse or gazebo. You can always take the ready project as a basis and make changes to it.



The monthly output is about 500 m3. For the manufacture of the wall kit, we use coniferous wood from the Kostroma region - spruce, pine. All products are certified.



Buyer builds the house himself. We can assemble all the houses completely on a turn-key basis: lay the foundation, erect walls, install floor and roof, install windows and doors and conduct basic finishing with electricity connection.