Profiled beams of small size made of coniferous wood of chamber drying. The lateral surface consists tongues and grooves for connecting the elements together. This material differs from ordinary timber only in dimensions and lower heat saving, therefore it is often used for seasonal construction. So mini-beams are easy constructor for self-assembling houses.


The «mini-beam» technology is almost identical to an ordinary beam. The word «mini» indicates only the small size of the boards, but the basic principle of assembling the wall kit is still maintained. The ready-made house kit already includes everything necessary for quick construction — from walls and floors to fittings. As a foundation, you can use sand concrete blocks or small screw piles.


You can do it yourself or take the help of our experts. Two people are enough for construction work. The average build time is 1-3 days.


This kind of works is practically not required, except for painting and antiseptic treatment.