Small timber houses

What it is?

Mini-timber are profiled boards made of coniferous wood of chamber drying. They are also called tongue-and-groove boards, due to the presence on the lateral surface of rectangular protrusions - tongues (grooves), designed to connect the elements together. The small size and lateral rectangular gaps («profile») make the mini-timber a convenient designer, from which you can independently assemble a small house.


Mini-timber houses are compact in size and built manually.


We will deliver a ready-made kit - you just have to assemble!


Even without building experience, you can build a small gazebo or bathhouse in a week.

Wall kit
  • Mini-timber walls
From 11 €/m²
Full house kit
  • Wall kit
  • Floors
  • Ceiling
  • Window
  • Doors
From 203 €/m²